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A group of researchers that transforms research results in advanced products and services to bring on the market

Our team

Giorgia Lodi (Ph.D.)
Giorgia Lodi (Ph.D.)Co-founder, Marketing
Giorgia has a long experience in designing ICT products, and in coordinating from a technical and financial perspectives numerous European projects. Since 2011 she works with (open) data, linked data and data modelling. also in International contexts such as the working group of G8 2013 on Open Data Charter. Giorgia still works as consultant on these topics for the Public Sector, supporting in the co-creation of national projects such as the Italian data portal.
Aldo Gangemi (Prof.)
Aldo Gangemi (Prof.)Co-founder, General Direction
He is internationally recognized as one of the major experts in automated reasoning and representation of knowledge, with more than 200 scientific publications. He participated in the creation of the semantic web as W3C member, and he worked on defining standards for interoperability collaborating with (public) bodies such as FAO and the European Commission.
Valentina Presutti (Ph.D.)
Valentina Presutti (Ph.D.)Co-founder, General Direction
Pioneer together with Aldo Gangemi in the engineering and definition of data modelling principles, she published numerous scientific papers that have influenced the current achievements in the semantic web field. She is a specialist in natural language understanding, ontologies definition and data integration for various domains.
Diego Reforgiato (Prof.)
Diego Reforgiato (Prof.)Co-founder, R&D
He has a strong experience in national and international industrial and consulting activities, working on topics such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis and big data. He won several awards including Telecom Italia Working Capital Award, and he is co-founder of three other innovative startups located in Italy, US and Great Britain.
Mario Caruso (Ph.D.)
Mario Caruso (Ph.D.)Head of R&D
He has a solid background in developing innovative ICT services and products on cloud platforms. He has gained experience as an innovative startup technical director where he worked to collect and manage large volumes of data. He adopts an agile approach to team management in order to ensure flexibility and promptness for customers.
Valerio Di Carlo
Valerio Di CarloResearch and development
He has a solid experience in the design and implementation of machine learning models for knowledge representation. Driven by a passion for research Valerio contributes to the construction of solutions and tools for language analysis to support business processes.
Andrea Nuzzolese (Ph.D.)
Andrea Nuzzolese (Ph.D.)Co-founder, R&D
He has been actively contributing to the development of various open source software, widely adopted by the Apache community. In parallel with research and development activities, he offers consulting services in the areas of knowledge extraction (from structured and non-structured data) and semantic web technologies, by establishing trust-based relationships with customers.
Alessandro Russo (Ph.D.)
Alessandro Russo (Ph.D.)Co-founder, CEO, R&D
Committed in the development of B2B and B2C enterprise solutions since several years, he gained a strong experience in modelling business processes for increasing enterprise productivity and driving decisions. He has worked on several national and European projects for institutional bodies where he actively contributed to the construction of web platforms and the management of real-time data streams.

Our story



STLab is born

STLab (Semantic Technology Laboratory), founded by Aldo Gangemi and Valentina Presutti, was born within the ISTC-CNR (the Institute for Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the Italian Research Council).

BUP is founded

Founded by six researchers from STLab, BUP aims to bring on the market the most innovative technologies in the field of semantic web, grown over years in research laboratories. Thanks to the multi-year experience of its members, BUP aims to transform (non)structured data in real knowledge.

Knowledge extraction systems

Consulting services for Mindlytix, a French startup that deals with customer profiling. Detailed state-of-the-art analysis on products and their functionalities for deep learning and natural language processing.


Semantic Engine for Advertising (SEA): Design and implementation of a distributed platform for the automatic classification of web pages. The software was commissioned by Turbo srl, the leading Italian company in the field of programmatic online advertising.

Linked Open Data

Consulting services for Sopra Steria, an international company for multi-brand e-commerce solutions. Creating and publishing Linked Open Data based on the DFM (Dimensional Fact Model) model in the financial domain.

Ontologies, Big data technologies assessment

Consulting services for KPMG, an international advisory group in the ICT world. The services are part of the Big Data for Public Administrations project of the European Commission. State-of-the-art analysis, data ontologies classification and API assessment for data access.


BUP participates and wins, together with CNR and R2M solution, a public tender of the European Commission. The tender aims to develop a multilingual information system to be put in production at European level for the commercial designations (trade names) of fishery and aquaculture products marketed in the European Union.